Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse Association

About the GCDHA

Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Proper Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse.

This means identifying and maintaining the Heritage and Traditions of both the Gypsy Cob and the Drum Horse.  For the Gypsy Cob, this means utilizing the knowledge and history or the Gypsy people.  We strive to offer opportunities to learn from the original breeders of the Gypsy Cob and to continually educate ourselves on the history and the future of the breed.

For the Drum Horse, it is continually educating breeders and public, alike, of the history of the breed type and the inspiration that has given rise to the Drum Horse as a unique breed.  Contrary to what some would advertise, the Drum Horse is not just a colored version of the Shire or Clydesdale.  A unique type, along with breed standard and purpose, has been identified and a diligent effort put into recognizing those horses who are the foundation of the Drum Horse breed.

Please feel free to contact us, for more information. or call/text: 317-417-2943
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