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Gypsy Cob Stallions are listed at the top of the page, then Drum Horse Stallions, followed by GCDHA ID Stallions

Stallions appearing on this page must be GCDHA registered and owned by current members of the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Assoc.

The Stallions page is a courtesy service to GCDHA members and the GCDHA does not endorse or validate any claims or advertisements placed on this page. Please research individual horses, the market and your priorities before breeding and breed responsibly.

If you would like to see your GCDHA registered stallion appear on this page, send photos and description to Please make sure your photos are cropped and cleaned up as well as possible.

  Gypsy Cob Stallions

Suede* - North American Champion and sire of North American Champions. Suede's book is keenly restricted as we feel our clients prefer their foals to be one in a million, not one of a million.

Suede* is intelligent, sensible, kind, proven and proper. Standing to GCDHA registered mares, only. Inspected and Licensed - Star Stallion.

For more information, contact:
Becky Glover
Drum and Feather Farm
Drum Horse Stallions

Jubilee Ted (aka Super Ted)
- A 2005 Drum Horse Stallion born and bred in the UK.  A strong loin, long hip, quality bone and beautiful shoulder help make Ted an exceptionally athletic horse and his impeccable character makes him a very loveable fellow.  Ted crosses well with heavy mares but also produces wonderful sport horses, when put over light mares.  Ted is the first GCDHA registered Drum Horse in Great Britain, bringing the title back to the land of inspiration.

Lovingly owned by Mr. & Mrs. P. Roberts
Herefordshire, Wales

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